Broken comforts

I hope you don’t break your arm.  Or your leg.  Or, God forbid, an arm and a leg, or more than one each of arm and leg.  But should the worst happen, I have a suggestion to slightly ease your recovery:  insist on the Gore-Tex liner for your cast.

They will tell you that the cotton is softer and that the cotton is more comfortable, and at first it indeed may be … but if your life involves water in any form:  doing dishes, taking a shower, going to the beach, going out in the rain,  or (as in my case) a three week camping vacation in New Zealand, you do not want a liner you can’t get wet.  Insist on the Gore-Tex liner.  Trust me.

“Oh [to slightly change the topic],” I hear you say, “does it rain in New Zealand?”  It doesn’t rain, it pours.  Every single f***ing day.  They won’t tell you that on Flight of the Conchords.  Look, I just saved you the cost of an HBO subscription, not to mention the plane ticket!  What a good friend.


2 Responses to “Broken comforts”

  1. Emily Says:

    I guess I’d rather break an arm than a leg. Maybe a finger.

  2. susan Says:

    I’m sold on the gore tex. Did you really break something?

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