I’m terribly sorry

When beginning to blog, learning the tool (in my case, WordPress), is one small hurdle to cross.  A bigger issue is privacy – deciding how much of oneself to reveal publicly.  That decision is a work in progress, though I’m afraid I may eventually have to come around to Scott McNealy’s view.

Just as difficult, on a personal blog, is knowing that my words may give offence to people I care about.  If you’re Indian, Chinese, Korean or Eastern European, white, black or Hispanic, vegan or meat-eater, Lexus-, Toyota-, Honda- or Ferrari-driver, an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor or a car mechanic, Arab or Jewish, skinny or fat, a parent, a smoker, Catholic or LDS, German, French, English or Italian, a chess or go player, a graduate of Harvard, Reed or the University for Peace, cop or anarchist, meditator or vortex healer, yogi or yogini, African, Malay, Kiwi or Aussie, a Microsoft employee, or a woman, I’ll probably manage to offend you.  If you wear shoes, collect stamps, ride a bicycle, work for the government, work for a non-profit, run ultra-marathons, are an i-banker, vote Republican, Libertarian, or not at all, or if you are Bill Gates, consider the offense a done deal.

And that’s just off the top of my head.  If you didn’t make the list above, I’ll probably offend you too.  Perhaps you’re offended to have been left out.

I’m really sorry.  It’s all in the service of truthseeking.  I think you’re all wonderful, really.  Well, almost all of you.  I do hope you won’t let this spoil your day, or affect your decision to employ or date me, as appropriate.


2 Responses to “I’m terribly sorry”

  1. susan Says:

    I was offended 8 times! I am never reading this blog again. Except for that most recent post I haven’t got to yet. I am going to read that first before never ever reading this blog ever again. Until the next post.

  2. knightstango Says:

    I’m really sorry. 😦

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