O sole mio, mmm mmm mmm mmmmm

This morning, singing O Sole Mio as I cooked breakfast, I realized how much better it would be – the music, not the omelette – if I knew words to the song beyond the first three.  (And they’re not even really the first three.)

Accompanying thought – where do we do our best singing?  In the shower, of course.

So what if I knew the words to O Sole Mio while in the shower?  Move over Three Tenors!

That’s the opportunity.  The solution?  Shower-ready laminated song lyrics, of course!  Each song on a separate laminated sheet, grouped and packaged by theme, along with a colorful suction cup clip or two.  Perfect!

So why am I telling you this instead of getting on the phone to my neighborhood song-laminator?  Because I realize that given the water crisis, I shouldn’t be offering bathroom Pavarottis any excuse to spend longer wasting our most scarce resource.

Boo hoo.

So you’re on your own for lyrics.  But if you’ve read this far, you may enjoy the Chinese movie The Shower.


One Response to “O sole mio, mmm mmm mmm mmmmm”

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