The Power of One

Online dating is big.  If you’re in the Bay Area, someone you know has almost definitely used or eHarmony – unless your entire circle is still with their high school boyfriend/girlfriend, in which case you’d fit right in with my Menlo Park neighborhood.  But I digress.

Dating is big business, too.  eHarmony, whose shtick is algorithmic personality-matching, received $110 million of top-tier VC funding, and hundreds of niche sites have sprung up to serve targeted segments (Goths, nerds, rednecks, marriage-minded Indian Muslims …).  But all of them are getting their butts kicked by a free site developed and operated by one guy:  Markus Frind.  Yeah, that’s one (1) engineer/CEO.  I won’t rehash the details, which are described in a recent issue of Inc. magazine.   I hope you’ll join me in savoring this victory of a nimble David over the bloated, or worse, corporate Goliaths.

For me, Markus ranks up there with Terry Fox (another Canuck!) as a reason to believe in the impossible.  Well done, eh.


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