Be me

Driving to Berkeley this evening, I heard two quite inspirational Fresh Air episodes – Woody Allen discussing his life and his latest movie, which sounds great, and some other dude apparently from the Howard Stern Show talking about doing heroin.  Well, that and other details of his “boring” life.  Apparently the masses love it.

My feeling is, if that’s what sells … if I could just be myself, just Ashish, the masses would love me.  Well, at least until I offended their religious sensibilities.  As Edna said at Esalen, quite unprompted, “you should definitely be a writer.”  Or Roger, the M&A lawyer, … “you have a wonderful intellect.”  Or something.  I’m not usually a sucker for compliments (my LL is Acts of Service), but that one I liked.  I think I could totally get into being me.  Sure, I’d scare away my friends and even more so women, but, there’s something noble about solitude, no?  Besides, even Woody Allen eventually found Soon-Yi.

Look, if I were rewriting the script, I’d have gone to Harvard, written for the Lampoon, and then moved on to The Onion before making my big Hollywood move and dating Reese Witherspoon.  Water under the bridge.  But I can start to write more often.  Really write – even blog-inappropriate content.  Which may describe this right here.


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