Early bird

Today I woke up at 6 for a run and breakfast (bacon and eggs) before going to my Alexander Technique lesson at 9.  Let’s see if this more productive use of the early morning hours translates into an altogether more productive day.  My To Do list includes reading WordPress for Dummies, in the hope of adding oh so many special effects to this here blog.  I just bought a Flip phone, so maybe the world can soon enjoy  video highlights of exciting Menlo Park.  (Hmmm … I was going to link to Amazon, but I notice they’ve more than doubled the price since last week, so it’s no longer such a good deal.)

Another To Do item is to finish Tim Ferris’s The Four Hour Workweek – unbelievable inspiration for every wage slave out there.  I link to his blog – it’s just SO good.  Whether you have a blog to publicize, a language to learn, or product ideas swirling around your creative brain, you must read Tim Ferris.  Along these lines, and of interest to all the bicyclists and friends-of-bicyclists out there, I’m impressed to see my friend and fellow improviser Blake Mills launch his own cool new product!

Speaking again of blogs, and improving my own, I tried to sign up for a writing class at Stanford, but got only the waitlist.  Turns out that their classes sell out within five minutes of availability, like a Britney Spears concert.  So my writing practice is going to have to be right here, in public.   I’ll use some of my new words, to keep it interesting.

Your comments and vocabulary suggestions let me know how it’s going.  The customer is always right.


4 Responses to “Early bird”

  1. Jon Kroll Says:

    Your Britney Spears reference sounds a bit dated. I would have gone with “a Miley Cyrus concert”. (Gotta keep the pop culture references fresh along with the vocabulary, right?)

  2. knightstango Says:

    I’ve heard of “Miley Cyrus,” but I’m afraid that’s about as far as it goes. Boy or girl? Should I rush out to buy all of his/her CDs? (Do they still sell CDs?)

  3. Dr Squid Says:

    Miley is a girl.

    How are you liking your Alexander Technique class?

    • knightstango Says:

      AT is really good – in the short term, it helps my running, and together with FK, should keep me healthy for the long term. It changes how I sit, stand, lie down, type, eat, everything. To a large extent it’s preventative – how do we value the back surgery I never needed? Check back in 50 years.

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