Monkey mind

It’s harder than I had expected to keep up the blogging momentum.  I can’t believe it’s been a week since my run  in with Large Man!  I feel as if a lot of my best writing happens in email, and especially in gchat, where my ideaphoria can work off the other person’s input.  I’m much better at collaborating than flying solo – need another warm body for the ideas to bounce well.

And another thing – good ideas don’t come when you want them.  To me, ideas mostly come during my daily meditation – you know, that one time of the day when I’m sitting still, trying to focus my entire concentration on the flow of air through my nostrils, and my mind is just flooded with ideas.  Ideas about what happened, what will happen, what should happen, what would be ten terrific blog topics – all come to me precisely when I can’t move a finger to do anything about them.

Well, now that I think about it, my mind may be like that much of the time – sometimes I wonder how I ever got through my education.  Must have suffered a lot.  The Buddhists call it “Monkey Mind,” and as you know, I prefer “ideaphoria,” which is good for many things (teaching, sales, writing – once you’ve got the flow), but not particularly for sitting still and concentrating.  Nor for sitting down to compose a blog entry when you could be watching the latest episode of In Treatment, stretching, reading about interval training, learning to bake a pie crust, analyzing your chess game in progress, learning to play poker, practicing guitar/harmonica, or just doing the dishes.  Being on vacation is so much work!

I will try to be more regular.  I know I’ve said that before.  For our next episode, I have video lined up, just as soon as I figure out how to upload it.


3 Responses to “Monkey mind”

  1. susan Says:

    You are so disciplined! I guess the reason I don’t meditate is that I’d have a pen and pencil sitting by me and spoil it by stopping to write down ideas. However, I have learned that those protean, inchoate ideas that come to one in dreams and while bike riding, in the shower, are seldom as powerful in the harsh light of a pen and pencil. Many a time I have solved all the problems in my novel while rollerblading only to find that that perfect puzzle piece is completely the wrong shape.

  2. Nephew Says:

    There’s a certain arrogance necessary in writing. If you only write down what you think is brilliant, it will take a long time to fill up a blog archive. You have to convince yourself that what you think about on a daily basis is worth writing, and pen it down without questioning it. I want to hear about your daily thoughts, actions, meditiations etc. Think about your readership in that light and you will get a more prolific result.

  3. Vid Says:

    Nephew, you rock.

    KTango, I think you’ve stumbled upon a brilliant idea– quick publish your chats to your blog. Syndicate your chats! Chat masala, monkey chat, idle chat-ter, all of it!

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