I’m playing my last game of chess.  Well, probably not the last time I make a chess move, but my last serious game using opening books, studying the ending, etc.  This time … I really think I can do it!

Having concrete substitutes helps.  Music is more beautiful.  Dancers are much happier.  And words … exercise my brain in a gentler yet equally satisfying way.

They should have AA for chess players.


4 Responses to “Withdrawal”

  1. Frisco Del Rosario Says:

    Nuh uh. No.

    Well, OK, but come back.

  2. susan Says:


  3. m. Says:

    Yes, why?

  4. knightstango Says:

    Oops, did I not mention that? Well, it’s because … there’s so much I want to do with my life. Learn to play an instrument (or three) competently, and write well and consistently enough to get published. I could happily spend several hours every day on EACH of those. They’re more social, too – well, music is.

    24 hours ain’t enough.

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