I thought – perhaps inaccurately, since I haven’t been able to find the passage – that it was in Liar’s Poker that Michael Lewis describes the Yale School of Management as the unique business school where students openly talk about their feelings in the hallways, hug freely, and spontaneously burst into tears.

Well, that description of SOM may have been a figment of my ideaphoria, but it’s a pretty accurate depiction of Esalen.  Talk about feelings?  Check.  Hug?  Double check.  Spontaneous tears?  Yup, we have that too.

I loved this story I heard in the hot tubs …  Imagine, as the speaker, a larger, un-wimpy version of Hugh Grant.  A tough guy.  Never ever cries.  Until the moment he witnesses his first daughter’s birth … when something flips, and he begins to bawl.  Now he can’t turn it off.  At Disney movies, the kids ask “Dad, are you crying again?!”  One day, they’ll have their own moment of realization.

(On the topic of men at childbirth, I’m reminded of a joke I read in the tubs last week, which unfortunately I cannot retell, for fear of offending my male reader.  It was a good two-part New Yorker story, about a drive across Siberia.  Check it out.)


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