Know you by your shopping bag

… more like your lack of shopping bag.  Even in (limousine?) liberal Menlo Park, a majority of  my fellow Trader Joe’s shoppers choose not to bring their own reusable bags, and instead consume one or more disposable paper bags per visit.  The store even has a big sign out front saying “Bring your own f***ing bags, a**holes.”  Or words to that effect.  And yet, they continue to strut empty-handed out of their Obama-stickered SUVs.

In Germany, as I recall, while no one speaks English, which is mildly annoying, they’ve got the bag thing down:   you pay extra for each one.  That’s as opposed to the American “per reusable bag discount.”  Behavioral economically speaking, I think the Germans have it right.  Maybe I should pitch German ways to … wait a minute, Trader Joe’s is owned by a German company.

I just don’t want us to end up like Colombia – their beautiful, historic, cities obscured by plastic trash.

I guess travel does provide some insights.


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