To write …

Sometimes I’ll read a book that I really enjoy, and also leaves me thinking “I could/should do that.”  The New Yorker “Shouts and Murmurs” column often has that effect, as does most of David Sedaris’ oeuvre,  and much of The Onion.  Remains of the Day is one book that definitely had me thinking “I could do a lot better than that,” though English majors, and English people, assure me it has a giant point I completely missed.  And Into Thin Air?!  Come on.

Other times, I read something that conveys “I am completely outclassed – I should just hang it up.”  Many of the greats have that effect.  Closer to home, click on Homeschooling to see what I mean.  It’s not just your 10,000 hours – it’s talent.  So much great stuff has been written – what can I possibly add on the margin?

Then there are those who, while their use of the language may be equally out of reach, inspire me to do better.  I’d picked out an excerpt from The New Yorker to illustrate the point, but I can’t find it among the stack of mostly unread back issues.  (Ok, that was a bit of poetic license – I don’t feel like walking across the room.)

I’ve signed up for a writing class at Stanford.  And subscribed to the Writer’s Digest. Hoping to justify your continued readership.

Now to migrate this thing to Blogger, so I can use Google Analytics to better analyze from whence you surf.  Johnson O’Connor said I should write fiction.  They didn’t say I’d be any good at IT.

[Edit:  Whoops – that’s “IT” as in “Information Technology.”  Not fiction.  That – I mean fiction – they assured me was my path to fame and fortune.]


3 Responses to “To write …”

  1. susan Says:

    Hey, thanks! I feel so honored. But it is the hours. I just happen to be listening to Outliers and completely independent of this post I did a calculation and I think I have hit 10,000 hours of writing. I wrote a lot as a kids, 6 years of grad school writing papers, 11 years of writing after the kids go to bed and reading how to books, and listening to Writers on Writing, and a year of blogging. It’s taken me 3 times the normal 10 years, but I have done my time. I must be ready to turn out something publishable.

    Anyway, the point was supposed to be: you are an excellent writer and if you feel you are not as good as you’d like to be, it is a matter of putting in time. The class is a great start. Wish I could take it, too.

  2. Ashni Says:

    ‘Disgrace’ by J.M. Coetzee is my favorite book. It’s one of those books that make you feel like there’s nothing left to write if someone can write like this. Hope you enjoy it if you read it.

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