My morning run takes me past a lot of churches.  A whole lot.  In Menlo Park, the number of establishments is relatively small, and the properties are quite large (HUGE Catholic presence), while in Palo Alto, for instance on Middlefield, it’s (newer) church after church after church.

My initial early  morning curiosity about church-city was “I wonder whether they have a bathroom I can sneak in and use?!” which led me to thinking …  who funds these churches?  Who attends them?  What are they learning?  If the Bible, I’m sure the lessons from The Year of Living Biblically are quite selective.  You know, stuff like … you shouldn’t touch another man, e.g. shake his hand, unless you’re certain he has not ejaculated within the past 24 hours.  If any of the religious right are observing this rule, I’m impressed.

All these churches … that’s a lot of tax revenue to be passing up.


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