If not Blogger, then what?

Ok, Blogger seems to be quite unpopular.  So … what’s a hosted blogging platform that doesn’t expect its users to be techies (i.e. no Microsoft products), but does allow the use of Google Analytics?


3 Responses to “If not Blogger, then what?”

  1. Jon Says:

    What’s wrong with blogger?

  2. m. Says:

    I agree. I’ve used Blogger and didn’t have problems.

  3. knightstango Says:

    Partly, it’s that I’m using a number of Google apps already, and hesitate to sign my entire online life over to a single entity, even one as benevolent as the Goog. And partly … I just hear too many implied or explicit criticisms of Blogger, from people in the know. Too many comments like “well, most people are moving from Blogger to WordPress, but if you are going the other way, you must have your reasons, and here’s how to do it …” Of course, I have yet to find a one button “here’s how to do it,” and that’s part of the issue. If I can’t migrate, I might as well find the best blogging platform (that allows Google Analytics).

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