Looking back to look forward

At the M-A track the other day, I did my tempo run around a middle school football practice.  That’s “American football,” the kind where your senses are numbed by two inches of rubber and plastic padding to allow you to run into other similarly numbed humans without feeling the impact.  It’s pretty much the philosophical opposite of barefoot running – all that was missing to complete the picture of sensory deprivation was iPods.

The coaches yelling at the kids were all quite large men.  They looked to me like prospective candidates for several medical procedures.

Which got me to thinking – partly as procrastination from focusing about my running form, as I should have been – that I’d like to see a study on the health of the high school class of 1956-61, or thereabouts – roughly 65-70 year olds.  I’d like to see how three groups fared healthwise:  American football players, runners and/or swimmers (non-contact endurance athletes), and non-athletes, or let’s call them “mental athletes” – the chess and math club.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the nerds look best in the long run.


2 Responses to “Looking back to look forward”

  1. Nephew Says:

    When did you start running?

    • knightstango Says:

      I began to run “seriously” in 2001, with my first marathon. Mostly on the injured list – before then, and since – until going barefoot in mid-2008.

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