Baking cookies

That’s oatmeal walnut-chocolate chip cookies, you perv!

Who knew that cookies were this easy to bake?  All these years, I’ve been impressed by brownies, or whatever, and only now I realize they require the effort to mix a bunch of ingredients in a large bowl.  Whatever.  They’re still delicious.

The slight downside of learning to bake for myself is that I’ll never be able to buy Mrs. Field’s cookies at 5am in O’Hare again.  They used to be such a relief from red eye agony.  But now I know what goes into cookies, and even with my “good” ingredients, this ain’t health food.

I suppose I can carry a stash of cookies in my emergency kit.  Are brown men allowed to carry cookies onto a plane?  I just read the TSA is starting to use “powder explosive detection kits.”  Plenty of powder went into my cookies.  Just google “flour bomb.”  I hope they don’t see my cookies, no shoes, The Stick … and conclude I’m a cookie tossing ninja terrorist.  (Pun intended.)

Now I need to go put the cookies in the oven …


One Response to “Baking cookies”

  1. Emily Says:

    Let’s have a cookie party with all different types. Maybe after a 10-mile run?

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