A good run

Great 14-miler today – 12 slow miles, followed by four fast (@6:50/mile) yet relaxed loops of Burgess Park, and a cool down.  Following last week’s Daniel’s tempo (T) run mistakenly at interval (I) pace, I’m feeling pretty good about my ability to run fast(er), and to hold a fast pace.

Signed up for CIM in December, just so Jon can brag:  “I have a friend  who runs marathons barefoot!”  If the performance trend continues, BQ could be a real possibility in Sacramento.

What’s making the difference?  Well, beyond the obvious (losing the shoes), I think that weight training may be helping, as is keeping a running log, to provide some hard data on what works.  The log tells me that my legs feel fresh when rested, so I’m going to experiment with just three runs/week, all pure quality, plus cross-training.  For performance, I think tempo runs have a big effect – only a few months ago, running a single 7 minute mile seemed intimidating.

Carpe viam!


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