Now that chess is once again retired, I have more time for productive pursuits:  generating revenue, running (PR today – new VDOT is Boston-ready 47.7), reading, writing, cooking, dancing, and playing with my guitar.

Other than the time required, you might think these activities were fairly independent, even synergistic., e.g. cooking and running.  But it’s not always so:  kitchen knives and fingers can combine in ways that don’t do my guitar scales any good.  Yeah, yeah, I know about Django.

In cooking class, or on cooking podcasts, for the impecunious among us, you’re told to curl in the fingertips of your non-cutting hand, and then bring the knuckles right up against the knife. (Aside:  I’m slightly surprised that “knuckles against the knife” returns only two hits on Google.  Well, this will make three.)

Back to meatspace – you know where that idea comes from, right, about the knuckles and the knife?  It’s vintage Sun-Tzu:  “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer“!


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