Multi-cultural maven

Today I correctly identified the language being sung in a pop hit:  Romanian.  Feeling quite pleased with myself.

(How did I do it?  Well, you know that Romanian is a Romance language, right?  I got a hint of Romance from the song, but it clearly wasn’t any of the usual suspects, not even Portuguese, which sometimes sounds quite alien.  Then, upon each relistening, the Slavic tinge seemed stronger and stronger.  Romance + Slavic … ta daa!)

Well, this is reminding me of the time I thought the singers of Baccara were Russian.  Not a great moment in the history of linguistic detection.  And I also know that “linguistic” isn’t the word I need here, since the song was in English, but I can’t find the term for “of or relating to accents.”  If you know, I hope you’ll share.  I can add it to my spreadsheet, almost 1200 words now.  Time to retake that GRE!


One Response to “Multi-cultural maven”

  1. Nimrod Says:

    The word can be either dialectical or sociolinguistic, all of which are ultimately, “linguistic.”

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