Misspent youth

I survived (a semester of) college Russian only thanks to much help from an extremely caring and talented girlfriend, as well as a very understanding instructor.  At the time, I had delusions of chessic grandeur, which was inevitably to follow from my study in the original of Never Before Revealed Secrets of Russian Grandmasters, following in the footsteps of Bobby Fischer before me.

Those were also the days Spam was something I enjoyed as an occasional guilty treat.

Fast forward twenty years, and … I remember a Russian swear word so very evil I will never ever be able to use it.  And I can read my email well enough to understand

ЗДеcЬ mоЖеТ БЫТЬ ВAШа рекЛамa

Well, whoopty doo.

(Actually, I cannot tell a lie:  I had to look up рекЛамa.)


One Response to “Misspent youth”

  1. susan Says:

    Hah! I always KNEW you had someone helping you.

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