My biggest worry about this blog, besides that it won’t get picked up by The Economist, is that I’m going to start repeating myself.  I see it already, on a micro level – using the same word several times in a couple of paragraphs, and not as deliberate alliteration.  That, at least, I sorta understand – I’m an aural person, and once the “sound” of a word is in the forefront of my mind, it’s more likely to pop out in the stream.

In addition to being aural, I have the memory of swiss cheese – the kind with really large holes.  It’s the consequence, I think, of all the memorization I had to do as a kid, particularly in middle school Sanskrit class.  I got the high grade without being able to independently speak or write a word of Sanskrit, by the expedient of memorizing the entire textbook, three years in a row.  Yaay, Indian educational system.

So that burned out my synapses (or whatever memory is made of), and now, if and when I repeat the essence of an entire blog post, I’m going to be mortified.  When you notice a repetition, please text me.  Thanks.


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