This “publish or perish” pressure is getting to me.  I imagine I’m going to have a relaxed evening, baking some cookies, a pie or two, getting to bed early … and then something comes up.  Now I have to think of something witty (or at least coherent) to blog … and who’s going to bake the pie?  Huh?

I recently bought The Pie and Pastry Bible. The key word in the sentence, as attentive readers will have noted, is “bought.”  It’s working well as a gravity detector in my kitchen bookshelf.  You’ll be relieved to know that gravity appears to be normal.  Based on my observations, we are not in imminent dancer of flying off into outer space to be zapped by cosmic rays, or devoured by hungry aliens.  However, should hungry aliens show up at my doorstep tomorrow, the pie crust I’ll have to offer them may be less than ideally flaky.

Speaking of pies and pastries, I’d like to lose at least five pounds (2.3 kgs), if not ten, by my December marathon.  I’m told a largely vegetarian diet is the way to go.  My baked goods are “vegetarian,” at least until I get some lard from the farmer’s market, but … I’m not sure how compatible they are with weight loss.  I need help.


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