in touch with nature

Went for an early  morning Dish run this morning, with my Argentinian friend Diego.  We were barefoot, of course, and from the top of the hill got to enjoy good conversation (Argentina qualified!) while admiring first the lights across the mostly sleeping Bay, then orange clouds as the sun crept up above San Jose, and finally the most picture perfect rainbow to the north west, in a huge arc anchored by a cloud at each end.  All it lacked was my iPhone to make a Facebook update, and validate my non-fiction credentials.  Think Sedaris, not Frey.

Diego’s Vibram Sprints, which he wore for part of the run, which were the subject of admiration by passing women runners.  Though my feet passed apparently unnoticed.  If all goes according to plan, I hope to run next year’s Nike Women’s Marathon “barefoot and pregnant.”

Bare feet do get noticed.  My friend S writes of her maiden barefoot running experience this past weekend “… a lady in a minivan pulled up beside me and said in a very gentle voice, ‘Do you need help getting somewhere?'”


2 Responses to “in touch with nature”

  1. susan Says:

    How are you planning to be pregnant next year?!

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