Let [my neighbors] eat cake

Months since ordering The Cake Bible off dealoz.com, I’ve finally cracked open the book.  The foreword was great, so naturally I had to set it down and procrastinate by writing this blog entry.

Writing – assures the Stegner Fellow – will not pay my bills.  Perhaps, then, baking?  I’m scheduled to learn all about pizza over Thanksgiving.  Music is always an option; perhaps I’ll be struck by lightning – this year’s weather has been quite unusual – and will pick myself off the ground to find myself the next Django.  Just like one of the characters in Musicophilia. I should probably hold my guitars from time to time.  Would be such a shame to be the next Django and not know it.

How does the “Chocolate Domingo Cake” sound?


2 Responses to “Let [my neighbors] eat cake”

  1. Jon Says:

    Chocolate Domingo Cake sounds delicious. When will the dessert party be?

  2. knightstango Says:

    TBD. Ok, ex-neighbors can come too …

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