Thanks to some diligent sleuthing by a fan, my chief detractor has been thoroughly and conclusively debunked, and my faith in my writing is renewed.  Thanks, fan!

Now to do something with this blog, which not only means committing to write more regularly – when have we heard that before? – but may also mean splitting it up into two or more blogs.  Apparently, to attract readership beyond one’s immediate friends, one needs to write on a theme.  When I have my MBA hat on, the advice to focus is exactly what I most often give business owners, yet it is so difficult to apply to myself.  Like the others, I think I can do it all.

A blog, perhaps, devoted to running?  The marathon is coming up.  My feet are pink and tender after running 14 miles today, though a 21-miler on the same course last week caused no such problems.  Interesting.

One on behavioral economics and marketing, which will require some application of my left brain, and should be “employer-friendly.”

And the remainder, for my friends, and the free exploration of ideas.


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