good to see you … again?

This evening I went to an old friend’s birthday party.  It was a good show – excellent, actually.  Food, dancing, company – all super.

During the course of the evening, I was warmly greeted by name by several total strangers, ranging from an attractive young woman to a large man or three.

They weren’t strangers, of course – we’d met.  Only they seemed to remember me quite well, and I recalled them not at all.  (Given context, I usually remember people and conversations – just not faces.)

This sort of thing happens to me often.  To be more precise, I find out about it often – for all I know, countless other times the other person may have left an unacknowledged encounter silently, and puzzled or offended.

When you have fifth (or was it tenth?) percentile powers of observation, leaving the house can be a scary experience.  So as not to offend familiar strangers, I’m working on my deer in the headlights look; I think I’ve softened it to the “first time visitor to Japanese supermarket” stare, and am working to get to “child unsure which letter is ‘b’ and which ‘d'” gaze.

I’m looking forward to the day computer technology solves this problem.  For now, I think I’ll start a petition to legislate name tags.


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