writing for myself

No more writing class.  The job search is heating up, and I have way too many interesting tasks on my to do list.  After a great first few sessions, the energy level in class dropped off – even the instructor seemed to lose interest in us. Fine, I’ll let him return to his poetry.

I prefer blogging, frankly – prefer an exploration of ideas that doesn’t need to devolve to the relentless self-flagellation of “memoir.”  And some day I’d like to write for The Onion, or Shouts and Murmurs, but I don’t believe that’s a style of writing Stanford would deign to teach.

In other good news, I’ve finally got around to starting my behavioral economics blog, and will link to it as soon as I have a respectable number of posts, as well as Google Analytics up and running.

Most of all, I think I like to write for myself.  To answer another criticism, yeah, I guess I am happy with “pretty.”


2 Responses to “writing for myself”

  1. Ashni Mohnot Says:

    Perhaps this might be of interest:
    Stanford Cont. Studies ‘Laughing Matters: Humor that Hits Home’
    for something different, ‘Writing the Graphic Novel’


  2. Ashni Says:

    That Stanford would deign to teach? Haha…I don’t think Stanford’s as stuffy as you think.
    Hope you’re doing well!

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