What’s in a name?

My chiropractor is a genius, or a miracle-worker.  His methods of diagnosis defy scientific explanation:  “lift [my] arm against pressure.  Now look up and left, and lift it again.”  Different result!  And that’s just a mild example – far from the most outrageous.

The guy can relieve severe back pain in a single visit – he’s done it for me, and for others I know.  It’s not just mumbo-jumbo – he understands something – more than the highly overpaid MDs I try to avoid seeing.

But you know why I have a hard time with the field of medicine we’re discussing?  Well, Dr. Moreno is a “chiropractor.”  So, does he practice “chiropraction”?  “Chiropathy”?  No!  They called it “chiropractic”!  ChiropractIC?!   That’s not a noun, that’s an adjective.  A discipline of medicine should be a noun!  Look it up, people!

I cringe every time I see that horrible word.  It’s worse than Jinky, or <censored>.  What a terrible shame.

Please, the next time you have a world-changing invention, give some thought to the branding.  Better yet, call me.


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