I’m reading a book called What I Wish I Knew [sic] When I Was 20. Worse yet, I’m enjoying it – getting some good insights.

What is the point of grammar anyway?  Looking at my last post, and then this one, I realize I’m coming across as quite a fuddy duddy, like the nun who rapped you over the knuckles when you broke some rule of conduct.

Are there no standards any more?!  There, just broke one of my own standards – to avoid the verb “to be” in reference to a non-existent standard.  I suppose I should feel better.  Feel closer to the hoi polloi.

Programming, or mathematics, needs to be precise down to the last semi-colon or equal sign.  Well, unless you work for Microsoft.  I realize that natural language, and more generally, human interactions, are less precise.  And allow for more subtlety of expression.  But … is there no longer “right” and “wrong”?!  (My last writing instructor disliked my use of ellipses – said they were a lazy substitution for a thought that would better be expressed in words on the page.  Gotta be better about that.)


2 Responses to “”

  1. Frisco Del Rosario Says:

    What’s wrong with “what I wish I knew”?

  2. knightstango Says:

    The nuns would prefer “What I Wish I Had Known …”. It’s the past perfect tense.

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