Not a melting pot

Yesterday I watched the exquisite The Portuguese Nun, showing at the UC Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archives as part of the SF International Film Festival.  To beat traffic, I got to campus early, and had more than an hour to hang out and reminisce on the south side of campus.

Walking around, I was struck by the proportion of Asian American students – noticeably higher than I remember from my undergrad years.  Then I realized that almost all the little groups of students sitting or walking around were racially homogeneous.  Three young Indian men.  Four East Asian men.  Three white women.  Three Indian women.  Two white guys.  Two more East Asians, then two more, and two more.   Six Koreans at the table next to us at dinner.  How much effort it must have been to get six Korean Americans all together with nary a single non-Korean!

The rare exceptions to the rule were mostly white guy-Asian woman couples – apparently that preference begins early.

I’m not sure what to make of it.


3 Responses to “Not a melting pot”

  1. aroop Says:

    if it makes you feel any better, my friends group at college looked like a benetton ad.

    there’s still hope.

  2. taredu Says:

    C’mon, Ashish, you neglected to mention that you yourself were radically mixin’ it up by appearing on Telegraph Ave as part of an interracial dynamic duo with superhuman powers.

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