Kill Your Television

I just returned from a blind date.  Ok, not “just” – I got back home at a decently platonic hour.  She was, as I’d surmised from her okCupid profile, a Googler.  Proud of that bit of deduction.

She doesn’t cook, it turns out.  Why cook, when you can eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at work, every day?  Wow.  Can boyfriends get in on that plan?  I will say that she had great skin – daily oyster shooters must have a moisturizing quality.  And apparently Google has replaced M&Ms with cherries – on the occasion last month of their first ever employee 40th birthday, they’ve begun to take a look at food choices for longer-term health.

Despite the skin, it was not a match made in heaven.  I think it’s true what they’ve been telling me all these years:  “you’ll become set in your ways.”  I came home and updated my profile to specify a non-TV owner.  My four randomly assigned immediate neighbors are non-TV owning marathon runners.  Is it too much to ask the same from the love of my life?  Besides, with Law & Order coming to a close, there’d be nothing to watch on her TV anyway.


2 Responses to “Kill Your Television”

  1. susan Says:

    I made a New Years resolution to watch more TV and I have totally failed. Habits are hard to break I guess.

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