I own a middle aged toaster.  For a few years now, it has fallen short in its assigned task of toasting my morning toast, but I don’t complain.  When I am in a leisurely mood, I double toast, or if I’m a particular rush, I’ll just eat my toast half-toasted.  People have suffered worse.  I think of Sarah Palin, having to worry over her morning moose burger whether that blur in the distance is Russians massing for the attack, or just a smudge on her designer glasses.  Poor, selfless, Sarah.  Surely I can deal with underdone toast.

And yet, when my own retail therapy takes me down the bustling aisles of Ross or Tarzhay, newer, shinier toasters have tempted me with their charms.  I’ve struggled, maybe even palpated their shiny faux-European edges, but in the end, have always resisted.  And not merely from some bond of affection or loyalty.  Staying toaster-monogamous is my little bit to Save the World.  True, a newer toaster may not only be better looking and cleaner, it would likely be more efficient, saving on electricity while perfectly toasting toast at the first attempt.  But, I reason, the environmental impact of toaster production and shipment from China outweighs any incremental savings.  I could never eat enough toast to justify upgrading a functioning toaster.

I have, in fact, been rather proud of my sacrifice.  I give blood, I shave infrequently, I refuse to buy a new toaster.  To better the world and lower my personal carbon footprint, no sacrifice is too great.  Yes, it is a grand responsibility, but I accept it, I embrace it, I am up to the challenge.

And I just noticed that the “Toast” dial is turned all the way left to “Light.”


2 Responses to “Sabotage”

  1. susan Says:

    I was going to mention the dial…glad you found it. I got my current toaster on Freecycle. So if you ever feel you have to upgrade you could try that route. Great post!

  2. Auyon Mukharji Says:

    A regular Captain Planet!

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