The news from Marin

My wonderful local Menlo Park library gives away books even faster than it lends them out. Almost daily they set out a smorgasbord of mostly paperbacks free to all takers. Dickens, Shakespeare, the 1973 Guide to Tuscany … it’s all there.

Walking by this treasure trove, my eye lighted upon Communicable Diseases in Marin.


Has free love got so out of hand? Are the 70s back? Where’s the nearest hot tub?!

Unfortunately a closer examination revealed the title to be Control of Communicable Diseases in Man, © 1960.

A representative excerpt:

Two diseases are included under the general term of rat-bite fever; one also known as Haverhill Fever, is caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis; the other, also known as Sodoku [sic], is caused by Spirillum minus.

Gripping. Just gripping.


2 Responses to “The news from Marin”

  1. susan Says:

    Does it have raccoon worm? That one is good.

  2. knightstango Says:


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